Why video content marketing is important for your business.

Video Content Marketing

& Why you should do it

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Finding and convincing new customers is what every company does on a daily basis. It is necessary to keep the company running and to (continue to) generate sufficient sales. Potential customers or leads can be anywhere. And although every new lead can be a guarantee for a new sale, it often needs additional convincing. 


This is why we are convinced that video (content) marketing can support any business. With video it is much easier to grab the attention of your audience. This increases the chance that they actually see and absorb the message. People are much less likely to exit a video than they stop reading a boring text full of information. It will be very important to focus on sharing information and expertise. Pushing a sale too hard is counterproductive. It is by informing the potential leads that they can come to “the right” decision themselves.  


Another advantage of video is its flexibility. We can deploy them right where people’s attention is. On the cell phone, laptop or tablet. In this case, social media is the channel par excellence. On average people easily spend 1.5 hours a day on the various social media channels. Enough time to also take a look at your video. This form of marketing, putting your own content online without paying extra for it, is called organic marketing. The only real cost here is the time you spend creating your content and putting it online. 


But how do you get started? And what should you show in your video? The most important thing before starting any new video campaign is to define the goals and expectations. Why do we want to do this campaign and what will determine its success? Based on the goals, how best to develop the video and where to put it online is determined. Some examples:


  • Product demonstrations, where you show how your product works. These videos are ideal for your own website since this is also where you sell the products. When showing how easy the product is to use you could also put the video on facebook or instagram if you focus on the B2C market. LinkedIn is perfect if you focus on the B2B market.
  • Reference projects, where you highlight your most challenging project to show your expertise. These videos fit on Facebook, Instagram as well as LinkedIn. After all, you want to be able to showcase yourself. Depending on which focus group you want to reach, you will also choose your channels. 
  • Corporate event videos where you highlight an event at or with your company in a fun way. It doesn’t always have to be serious! These are fun videos to place on your website. T his way you show multiple sides of the company, something that future employees may find important. You can also put teasers of this video on your Instagram story as a recap the day after the event.


However, this is just a sample of all the possible video formats. We will come back to this in detail in another blog. In addition to the type of video, we will also look at how we can best reach the target audience. The following questions will help us with this:


  • Which (social media) channels are used most by your chosen target audience? 
  • What message is useful for this target group? 

If, for example, you want to reach new customers, we will focus on awareness. The objectives will then be related to discovering your brand and less to sales. 


A teaser video can be a good way to convince people to visit your website. When people click through to the website you can easily distinguish those who are really interested from the rest. 


It will be important to link measurable actions to your video campaigns. Or call-to-actions (CTA). A CTA is an action you want potential leads to take. It could be contacting them, filling out a form, downloading something or something similar. These actions, in turn, are needed to distinguish interested leads from the masses. This is how we make the difference between a cold lead and a hot lead. And it is the hot leads that you want to focus on first. 


Does your company want to use video to attract new customers? Or would you like to analyze your current video strategy with us? Then claim your free consultation via the link at the bottom of the article! During this 15 minute conversation we can discuss your current approach and strategy and see how you can better use video in your overall business strategy.

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