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Corporate Identity and Branding

How do you profile your company, product or service?

In a rapidly changing business world it is important to stand out. This seems obvious but because there are so many options available it is not always easy. For a good example about standing out and differentiating, we turn to the book “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin. In this book Seth Godin describes how you can stand out of the crowd as a company or product. The purple cow stands out among the other brown and/or black spotted cows and thus manages to grab the attention of passers-by. The other cows are ignored. After all, passers-by have already seen so many of these. In other words, you have to be innovative, unique and/or remarkable. If you don’t find a way to stand out then everyone will ignore you just like the average cow. But how do you start with this? Making yourself or your business stand? What you offer is already of great importance in the first place. Does your product or service already exist? Or have you developed something completely new? What makes your product or service different from current alternatives? Perhaps you have found a way to produce an existing product more ecologically or your service offers something that only you can do. Without this uniqueness, it will be difficult to convince people to listen to you. A second important component is your appearance, your presence. The purple cow in the example may not make better milk than the other cows. But people or potential buyers will stop to admire the purple cow since they have never seen it before. And chances are they will also want the milk from this cow. Even if it is just ordinary cow’s milk, from a purple cow they have never drunk it before. A company’s presence is also called its branding or corporate identity. Here we think of the name and logo of a company. In addition, the specific colors and fonts it uses. In a well-structured company you will always find a brand book. This is a collection of all brand details that every employee should be able to consult. The brand book will help to create a greater whole and avoid cacophony.  It is precisely for this reason that we at Fuss chose bright blue as the main color. This stands out in the crowd. In addition, the logo comes alive through the face that is visible at the U.  Our branding has, for example, already helped us attract new people. In our search for new freelancers, we worked with LinkedIn job postings. After questioning the applicants as to why they had just clicked through on the job posting, ⅓ of the people found “the cute” or “the eye-catching” logo to be a convincing factor in addition to the job posting title. This was a confirmation for us that we were working in the right direction with our branding. Beginning companies usually start from 0 and it is best to think carefully about their branding from the start. This reflects how you want to present yourself as a company. The corporate identity is an initial guideline that you follow as you build the company and the brand recognition that goes with it. They also build recognition over the years when they stick to this recurring style. The books Start with Why and Building a Storybrand can be a good addition to the purple cow if you want to take the branding of your company or product into your own hands. We also offer a Brand Identity Workshop. In this workshop of 3 to 4 hours we work together on the basics of your corporate identity and logo, fonts, colors and much more. Brainstorming together we come to a clear picture of how you want to profile your company or your new product (line). From there we will build together on your recognizability. Feel free to send us an e-mail if you want more information about this. You can send an e-mail to niels@fuss.agency. Do you still have questions about branding or how to approach it? Then feel free to schedule a 15 min. call with us via the link below, we’d love to hear your story
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